The Mostest 🖤

The mostest + 1. It’s like better than the best. That’s exactly how I could sum up the wedding of Sabrina and Brandon. It’s also exactly what the two say to each other to express their love … “I love you the mostest + 1.”

It was a Sunday afternoon, we were perfectly tucked away in the woods of Wisconsin at the Celebration of the Gables – a serene 40 acre venue with all the charm.

Sabrina in her custom made wedding gown and Brandon in his British racing green suit were wed, shared a meal with closest family and friends danced as husband and wife; then after one last goodbye through a sendoff of dried flower confetti, then they were off.

It was the mostest. 🤍

Mr. + Mrs. Walker, you two are God-fearing gifts to this world. Best wishes to you both, forever and ever Amen. 🖤

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