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Welcome! Breaking into the blogging world has been on my to-do checklist for a good eight years. Seems like no better time than now to get at it … so let’s go girl.

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Stacy. I work as a wedding photographer and also cover professional sports as a photo stringer for the Associated Press, based out of Minneapolis, Minn. Currently on a career hiatus because of the coronavirus. 

Today is April 10, 2020. A month ago, my April calendar and beyond was booked with sports and sessions. This Easter weekend would have marked the start of my wedding season, but oh my how the tables have turned.

The last game I photographed was the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New Orleans Pelicans, March 8, 2020. When I heard the NBA was postponing the season, I said, “Oh, sh*t” then came the NHL, the MLB and everything else. “At least I have my weddings,” I kept saying to myself and my husband…

An outtake image from the Minnesota Timberwolves against New Orleans Pelicans NBA basketball game Sunday, March 8, 2020, in Minneapolis.

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are. Good Friday. Took the wedding off the calendar for today.

Today was start of my 2020 wedding season. I would have been at the St. James Hotel in Red Wing. My hometown. My pretty little Red Wing. Ironically, the lovely hotel has officially closed today through the end of April.

My hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota is possibly one of my favorite locations to photograph.
The St. James Hotel is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. My 2020 wedding season was slated to start today, Friday, April 10 at the hotel. But staying healthy now is our job, none-the-less can’t wait to get back and make great imagery.

Instead of photographing actual weddings, I’m planning to finally blog my previous work + life along the way. I adore my clients and am proud and am so excited to share all the beautiful imagery to any wandering eyes.

Until then, here’s a glimpse of how we have been holding it down over the last few days. By we, I mean my darling little tribe of five. The silver lining in this health pandemic has to be my beautiful family. There is no sugarcoating it, we are a hot mess. But I love every damn minute of this extra family time. We are so grateful to everyone out there making the world go round and doing our part in staying home on our slice of paradise. Felt great to hold my camera and capture.

Just because I’m a proud mama, Aspen is my eldest 7 year-old daughter, Olive is 4 years-old, then there is our wild 2 year-old boy Banyan and Kahuna our 7 year-old Saint Bernard.

Enjoy and stay healthy!

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